CHIRP Exports

Garrett Dow - Site Admin/Owner (KD6KPC)

Hello everyone. I hope this email finds everyone in good health and hopefully low stress, despite the holiday season.

I wanted to quickly announce an enhancement to the CHIRP export for the North American repeaters. When you perform an export for CHIRP from RepeaterBook, you will now be presented with a page that will allow you to select the source of the name field. I conducted a poll on Facebook and made all of the top choices available. I made it possible to add two sources for the name. The options can vary based on the type of search you conducted, so I won't list them out here.

I also added options to choose the sort order. 

Please take it for a test drive and let me know if there are any improvements that you would like to see. I hope to expand this to other export types shortly.

73 de KD6KPC