Question About Multimode Repeaters

Mark K0ABD

Hello everyone,
I'm a novice HAM with some very basic questions about repeaters access. 
Any positive suggestions would be appreciated!
My rig is a non-digital Baofeng BF8HP
Regarding my first question, I glanced through FAQ & wiki & didn't find info specific to it, although I could have overlooked it.
So here it is:
In the Tone column I noticed the PL tones for some 2 Meter repeaters in Massachusetts have digital modes. 
When I select 145.1600 -0.6 MHz DSTR Brookline Suffolk K1MRA, it has "D-STAR Enabled" with 2 meter uplink/downlink frequencies. 
Similarly, when I click on 146.4900 -1.5 MHz CC1 Boston Suffolk N1PA, it is "DMR Enabled." 
Do the terms "D-STAR Enabled" & "DMR Enabled" mean these are also FM repeaters (dual/multi-mode) that I could connect to with my rig? Or are they exclusively digital?
Regarding the Special Modes, from what I understand I should be able to access EchoLink, AllStar, & IRLP repeaters with my rig?
thank you,


They would be digital ONLY unless it's marked as a mixed mode repeater. Some repeaters can do multiple modes depending on the radio being used at the time by the end user! 

As far as echolink and such should be able to use those just fine as those are analog based IRLP connections.


Mark K0ABD

Hi Sam,
Thanks for taking the time to politely answer my questions so quickly. 
I took notes on your excellent RepeaterBook YouTube video yesterday. 
Nice to meet you!