Repeater Maintenance Window

GTGallop - N5MKH Arizona Admin

Was wondering about - for future enhancement - adding a maintenance window to the platform?  Repeater Owners / Custodians could log on and set a maintenance window if they know their repeater will be off line for a day to a month.

Example, Today is Sept 11 and I know I'm taking my repeater off line next weekend for 48 hours.
I enter the window today and it appends a note to the repeater and sends out a tweet.
Then when the weekend gets here, it updates the status on the repeater to On Air / Maintenance or maybe just Maintenance and sends a tweet
Then when that period expires or sooner if I log in and change it, the repeater status reverts back to On-Air and sends a tweet that the maintenance window has been complete and the repeater has returned to duty.

Maybe put some limits out there.
Maintenance can't be scheduled more than 60 days out.
Maintenance can't last longer than 30 days (if so the repeater is in testing or off air).


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