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vince adams

Thank you Garrett for the notice. This sure is a good way to communicate and I appreciate your efforts. My story is this. While I was out and about away from home-Boise and with HT in hand I used your RB app and it works flawlessly searching/looking for local repeaters. It saved a lot hassle and time  trying to get many Repeater Freq's. I was able to talk to some locals while traveling though parts of California.. It was a lot of fun! This was last June when I had my holiday. It's great your able to keep intouch with your users and again I appreciate that!

KD7TWW Vince. 73

On 01/11/21 5:16 PM, Garrett Dow - Site Admin/Owner (KD6KPC) via wrote:
The android app has been updated and is ready for download. Apple coming shortly.

Garrett and Nicolas
73, Vince KD7TWW

In what year did the FCC mandate the 1500 Watt PEP limit for amateur radio station
power output? - Motorola Corp was formally named
"Galvin Manufacturing Corporation" (1928–1947)

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