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GTGallop - N5MKH Arizona Admin


Has there been any thought given to allow users to search or display by clubs or organizations?  I know when I update a repeater, I can add affiliates and organizations.  Was hoping to be able to see a list of clubs and click a link to see their repeaters all in one glance.  Functionality would follow the "Linked Systems" but these would obviously have the potential of not being linked, just affiliated through an organization.

It would make it easier for admins to ensure that all repeaters in an affiliated system were covered and updated
It might make club participation in keeping RB updated easier and encourage a club liaison to feed data in.
It might make it easier for end users to find their clubs listings.

Once added to the RB database as a function, it could also be added to CHIRP so users could import not by political boundaries but also by clubs.


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