Christmas is coming! #update #on-air #review #ker-chunk

GTGallop - N5MKH Arizona Admin

Only 38 days (and counting) until people start using Repeaterbook to program their new radios!

You know what holiday follows Christmas?  Ker-Chunk-Mas on December 26th.  That's the day that new radios are programmed and people start testing the airwaves to see what repeaters are still active.  Lets give them a hand this year and see if we can get some solid updates into RepeaterBook before the wrapping paper starts flying and the batteries start charging.  As of today there are 38 Updating Days left before Ker-Chunk-Mas is here.  So while we are getting fat at Thanksgiving this week, lets fatten up the database with updates!

Anyone can report a repeater on or off line or submit a propagation report or even give a repeater a rating (Yelp for Ham Radio) to help new hams and new radios find a repeater without having to ker-chunk all over the bands.  Lets take advantage of this awesome community and make the hobby / life style of radio a little stronger this holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Hanukkah
and Merry Christmas
Much Love from the N5MKH family to yours.

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