Re: Repeater Maintenance Window

GTGallop - N5MKH Arizona Admin

Exactly, Tom.  And in AZ, we have been trying to make as many people (that we can legitimately verify) custodians of their repeaters.
Repeater Owners (repeater has the same call sign) get 180 months or 15 years
If it's a club officer, they get 1 year
Trustee's or board of directors for clubs (kinda rare) get 5 years.

The chief complaint I hear about RepeaterBook is that it's not accurate.  But I find that while not perfect, it is far more accurate than any of the other resources out there.  The fact that it is crowd sourced data is both the strength and the down fall.  So to mitigate the downfall part, I like to get as many people involved and invested as possible.

So if someone has credentials on the RepeaterBook platform and has been validated by an admin as a custodian, then it makes sense to lay an increasing role on them to update their repeater.

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